Barter, an old system of exchanging goods for goods. Trading sugar in exchange for salt.

That was in the old age before money got invented.

Many people believe that barter trade is a long dead trading system that is no longer possible in the new age of “Cards” and Digital POS. But wait, Barter was used in ancient time because there was “no money”. Now, despite the modern currency and “Cards” many people has “no money”. Is not the same situation?

An idea was born, we revived, re-invented, and digitalized the Barter System to address the “no money” social issue. CitiBarter was started by a small group of individuals engage in selling stuff through face to face or free online websites and social media. They started bartering goods with each other to come up with the items ordered by their customers. They assigned points value on their commodities and used that value system for exchange. They coined the term CitiBarter referring to that practice.

With the continuous sharing of ideas, a unanimous decision was reached to formalize the CitiBarter system and call it the CitiBarter as a tribute to the old practice of bartering as a solution for “no money” situations. Now, growing bigger and bigger, new lines of services are born, including the CitiPoints, and
CitiBarter as division or “departments” all under CitiBarter Systems and Services Enterprises.

We reinvented Barter Trade and gave it a place in the Online Digital Age.

FREE Quality Membership

You don’t have to cash out hefty membership fees. You can start with anything of value in your hands.

No “Recruiting” no Networking, no Pyramiding, and no Binary-Pairing requirements:

At CitiBarter, you earn because you are part of us. Your earning is not coming from recruiting.

We protect you from scammers

Because of our CitiEscrow, scammers or online pirates have no place at CitiBarter. If you are a seller, you are assured to have the payment, if you are a buyer; rest assured you have your goods.

No other eCommerce websites can parallel our consumer protection schemes.

Convenient Barter Trading Online

Advertise your product for free or buy from the Trading Hall. We are coming up with different products and services, from toys to cars, from beauty care to even hospital care.

Unsurpassed Rewards

You have an extra Stored Value? Put it on our Layaway Development Program and be surprised on what it can afford to buy after sometime. No other reward program can beat the CitiBarter Rewards. The best news? You can cash it out. Yes, cold cash!


A new road of opportunities.

This is an innovative way of advertising products and services through cyber, social, and physical networks operated by participating Affiliate Merchants (establishments), Road and Cyber Merchants, Capitalist Merchants and individual advertisers who converged in the Citibarter Caravan Platform.

How do I become part of the Caravan?

Anyone desiring to participate in the Caravan may register as:

  1. Affiliating Merchant (Store Owner)- those who own a duly licensed establishment.
  2. Producer Merchant – those who have no licensed establishment but have a product or service to sell.
  3. Capitalist Merchant – those who wanted to be an in-house Caravan operator and contributors.
  4. Cyber Merchant – those who have technical “know how” about online advertising using social media or own a website.
  5. Road Merchants – these are on-foot advertisers who are dispatched to shopping malls, trade events, and door-to-door cold canvassing activities. They are formerly called “promo girls”, “promo boys” and “merchandizers”.

What benefits do I get when I join the caravan?

For Business people, advertising means additional revenues.
For private individuals selling goods, your items can have greater exposure.
For those who are jobless or would want a sideline income, you can be an Online Merchandizing agent.
For Financing Merchants, you can have additional passive income.

What is Barter Trade?
What is CitiBarter?
What is CitiBarter?
What makes CitiBartering different from the ancient Bartering and ordinary swapping?
What is the difference between “eCoins” and “eNotes”?
If I become a member, what should I use? Is it eCoins? or eNotes?
If I do not have money to buy eCoins and have nothing to offer as guarantee to get eNotes, can I still be a member and have access to the Trading Wall?
How much is the Membership Fee?
What are the requirements to become a member?
I do not have 2 valid IDs, can I be a member?
How and where do I apply for membership?
Is CitiBarter system fully functional?
Where can I buy eCoins?
How do I pay when I buy something?
What are the ways to earn eCoins?
How do I convert eCoins to Cash?
How do I receive the payment?
How long will it take before I receive the money after I requested it?
I am afraid to eCoins because I do not personally know the seller, I just met him online.
What is Escrow Service and how does it operate?
Wow! How much is the Escrow Service?
How safe are the dealings at CitiBarter?
Why is Barter Trading being revived by CitiBarter in the digital and electronic age?
The need for a Barter System in the new age.